Pets Welcome

Please view our Pet PoliciesPets Will Love…

Please refer to our property map to confirm which rooms are pet friendly.
Dog bones, dog toys, dog waste bags, and yummy treats! Amenities are courtesy of The Del Marcos Hotel. Doggie treats and a “Pet In Room” door hanger provided at check-in

Walking distance to hiking trails and open areas to walk your dog..

Food & water bowls provided in your room, as well as clean-up bags

Safety & Convenience

Please be sure your pet is fully trained, appropriately restrained by you, and complies with local legislation. Pets must be kept on a leash except when in your guest room.

We regret that no pets are allowed in the pool area or lobby.

Pets must never be left unattended, but the hotel can provide a pet sitter on 24 hours notice.

Since the Housekeeping Department may not enter a room containing a pet unless the owner is present, please arrange a convenient time for servicing your room.

Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets around the hotel and in the neighborhood. For additional bags, just ask the front desk.

Upon Check-in

When you and your pet arrive, The Del Marcos Hotel will welcome you with doggie treats, food & water bowls, and more.

You’ll also be given a copy of the hotel’s pet policy to sign, which lists the information above and below:

You agree to be responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from your pet’s presence in the Hotel. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Hotel, its owners and its operator from all liability and damage suffered as a result of your pet’s presence in the Hotel. The Hotel reserves the right to charge your account commensurate to the cost of such damages.

We regret it is necessary to resort to such strict guidelines in order to accept your pet. However, past experience and comments from guests who have been disturbed, force us to take this position to protect the interest of all guests. We hope your stay with us is enjoyable, and we look forward to welcoming you again soon. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pet Sitting Services

Our preferred vendor is Elite Pet Care
1. In-room = $25 for the first hour and $15 per succeeding hour (2-Hours minimum)
2. Pet visits =  $25 per visit (30 minutes)
3.Private Dog Walk = $25 for 30 minutes  + $5.00 for extra pet
4. Boarding = $55 for 24 Hours

Cellphone :  760 831 – 8995
Phone       :  760 320 – 4710
Email        :  Joandemlany@gmail.com
Website    :  elitepetcarepalmsprings.com
Hours       :  9am – 5pm

Please view our Pet Policies